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Submitted by Chris Humberstone on Thu, 06/20/2013 - 01:45

Beauty is growing again, with Emerging markets key for multinationals to achieve growth targets
GCI June 2013 State of the Industry report has some very interesting facts and figures, and it is basically a missive on why companies should be investing in emerging markets to achieve their growth goals.
The most interesting targets seem to be India (retail spending up by 18%), Mexico, Brazil (Unilever generated over $1 billion in growth in Brazil last year) and China.
Nine of the top ten growth markets for mass products were emerging markets, topped by Brazil, China, India and Argentina.
Men’s grooming grew more than 20% in 2012 in Brazil, India and Argentina.
As economic growth brings more people into the middle class in emerging markets expect more significant growth. As an example see what happened in Brazil in the mid 1990’s under the Real plan. Growth was explosive.
The future of beauty is emerging and it doesn’t look like the US or Europe! Expect accelerating investment by the industry in emerging markets.

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