What Customers Say

In a small industry like ours, reputation is everything - and HII will do everything to turn you into a raving fan too. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some past clients (who are now friends) have to say...


Chris is one of the most knowledgeable, and well networked, professionals in the personal care ingredient industry. His insight into the commercial, technology and regulatory factors that influence the personal care industry have been an invaluable resource to my firm when considering investments in the sector.

— Owner of Private Equity Firm in New York


We have worked in some projects with Humberstone International Inc here in Brazil conducted directly by Chris Humberstone. We are very satisfied with the results that we have achieved together and mainly because Chris could share with the two sides, the contractor (an international personal care ingredient producer) and my company (a local distributor), his large experience and understanding of the real businesses. He has a successful history in our market and we are proud to be present in it.

— Owner of Specialty Ingredient distributor Brazil


Fico muito feliz em dividir com você que nosso processo de cooperação, na busca de novos distribuidores, em várias regiões do mundo, esta se consolidando como um grande sucesso. Quero que você saibao quanto somos gratos por sua colaboração. Acima disso, nossas deliciosas conversas voltadas ao desenvolvimento do pensamento estratégico dentro da nossa corporação são sempre uma referência saudável lembrada. Somos muito gratos por esta oportunidade de troca e não posso deixar de expressar minha admiração por tudo isso.

Ficaremos muito entusiasmados se na busca constante de evolução tivermos a sorte e oportunidade de voltarmos a nos encontrar com o objetivo de novas cooperações.

— Owner of Specilaty Chemical manufacturing company Brazil.


Chris is a brilliant international business strategist. As an attorney I saw Chris do an international reorg of a family business which was a difficult and delicate operation in 4 continents. He was diplomatic, talented and had great vision. He worked in several different legal and cultural climates including Europe, China and South American and was always sensitive to the specificities of each jurisdiction. High marks for listening and understanding skill and integrity. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

— Salli Swartz: Partner, Artus Wise, Paris France


When I have a question about international business I always turn to Chris first. Sometimes the conversations quickly confirm my team is going in the right direction or give me new ideas to explore. Other times I realize I need more than a quick conversation and we start a project with Chris, but always the conversation is helpful, substantive and illuminating.

— International Business Executive US


Chris and I successfully worked together on 12 company turnarounds, each in a different country across four continents. Chris has great coaching and people management skills, cross cultural understanding and the vision and ability to quickly turn troubled companies around. One of the qualities I enjoyed the most working with Chris is his capacity to objectively look at a problem, invite opinions and ideas, and set the course of actions to manage the situation without revisiting it unless the facts change, and patiently let the plan work its way out. Chris is solid team player with a proven record of accomplishments and delivering growth. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Chris again in the future.

— Gus G. Badaoui, Operational Finance and Accounting Executive


Chris is a great leader who sets by example.  His attributes include great time management skills, always prompt, speaks kindly and intelligently to anyone no matter the age and always has a great attitude. Chris takes everything that he does seriously, in a positive way.  For example, he understood the need to create more awareness and raise funds for the Intellectually Disabled Athletes of Special Olympics beyond the existing fundraising events, so he dedicated even more volunteer hours from his personal time to conceptualize and direct an entire event at Oceania to achieve this result.  His adept ability to inspire and lead a large team to volunteer their own time to this cause was phenomenal.  The communication skills he applies allow everyone to feel knowledgeable and motivated, which ensured that all tasks were accomplished on time and done well!  Chris is responsible for raising thousands of dollars to help Special Olympics Athletes and our entire organization is honored to have him as a champion for the mission.  If there is only one word to describe him, it is Quality!  Chris is a quality person and I am so glad I have the opportunity to work with him.


— Erin Kozlowski, Vice President, Resource Development, Special Olympics Florida - Miami-Dade County