What We Do and Who We Work With

Humberstone International Specializes in Helping Personal Care Ingredient Businesses Maneuver the Intricacies of Global Challenges


For Those Looking to Expand Globally, we can...

  • Find the right channel to market
  • Partner with you to accelerate growth
  • Ensure the product portfolio meets the needs of local customers
  • Allocate the right resources to ensure success

For Those Struggling with International Businesses, we can...

  • Tackle issues and help you navigate a new strategy
  • Use our knowledge to help you manage cultural issues
  • Find the right investor - discretely - when you’re looking to divest or sell a business
  • Allocate the right resources to ensure success
  • Find a replacement principal when a business gets bought, or changes business strategy or focus
  • Locate new principals who have product lines that will fit well with your firm’s strategy
  • Review business results and find ways to improve performance
  • Help distributors find new opportunities

For Private Equity and Other Investors, we can...

  • Find the right acquisition opportunities
  • Review a particular business and determine next steps to meet growth targets