Who We Are

A Little Background


Working in senior executive positions for a number of personal care ingredients firms, I witnessed many of the frustrations and growing pains companies have transitioning from a national or regional company to one that acts on a global scale.

Experience has taught me that navigating and winning internationally is not just a matter of following the same tried and true business strategy and game plan. There is almost always a steep learning curve, and numerous - and potentially costly - cultural obstacles that need to be identified and addressed in order to succeed.

After 30+ years of managing global business on three continents for others, Humberstone International was created in 2008 to offer hands-on assistance, expertise and market knowledge to those companies that want better international capabilities, connections and opportunities.

We work with specialty chemicals - mostly personal care ingredient manufacturers and distributors—and to date have successfully helped many of our friends expand their presence throughout Latin America, Europe, the US, Asia and the Pacific Rim.